Thursday, July 31, 2008

Termonology Feat. Bun B Video Shoot

Shouts out to Termonology, Dj Premier and Bun B and special shout to Dan The Man for letting us the Mutants be in the video. I also wanna give a shout out to Jen The Pen My White Homegirl, Consequence, Lil Fame of M.O.P, Uncle Murda, Grafh, Push Keys Productions from Boston for recording the cipher and another to Shea Davis Aka Punch And Computer of BMF for feeling my bars and going hard in the cipher we was in. Shit was jumping video coming soon. Peace..............

M.O.V.E Info

M.o.v.e is going to be the first release of D.B.B(Dollar Bill Boys) a group compressed of Me Marvelous Lol, Money Green Preme, Ron Jeeta and Storyboard P. This group is unlike any other because we have the music and visual visions to make it all come together. M.O.V.E will be a two part cd/dvd the dvd will have music videos for each song from M.O.V.E and will be entirely produced by me. More Info will be available upon completion.

Brooklyn Mutants We Got The Juice

So this fat nigga from uptown French Fhry Baby gonna take my son Storyboard P soul yea right peep this and its light but we do this.

Peep My Music Here and there I'll be changing my music so stay posted.


Whats up everybody I go by the name of Marvelous and im goin to talk a little about myself. Well I'm a 20 yr. old rapper/producer from the city of kings Brooklyn,Ny. I love music and im involed in it heavy. I also enjoy fashion and I deal with a clothing line called Cranium. I also am apart of a movement called The Mutants which is a dance movement but I dont dance im more on the music side of it. I pretty much put this blogspot up to document my road to getting a record deal and to let people know whats going on with me and my peers I hope everyone enjoys my view, music and etc. Peace................