Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funny But Bizzare Indian Thriller


Me And My Money Vlog Update

Marv's Smoothly Mad Vlog Lol

Me After My Meeting At My Hotel Suite

Friday, January 23, 2009

Heard This Track On My Way To Atl And Thought It Was Swayze

So I'm on my way to Atl and I hear this song at first I thought it was John Legend and my steppops is like nah its Robin Thicke. Im like whoa but as im listening to the song its really deep and makes you think about living in a perfect world or an utopia. Peep this for real and open your mind its real out here get in tune with whats goin on around you for real.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Inauguration Thoughts

Ok it was an historic day as the 44Th President Obama was sworn in I was sleep during the Inauguration so I couldnt begin to tell anyone what it was about but real talk think everyone should get off the mans johnson. Lets see him run the U.S. for a while before we deem him great etc. im pretty sure he's like a million times greater than Bush but let the nigga put some work in. FYI just because he's in office does not mean shit is gonna change right now for all the ignorant motherfuckers out there.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fuck Them Oakland Niggas And Mc Hammers Broke Ass

Well Bk Vs Oakland went down this weekend and niggas and Mc Hammer "Broke Fuck" jerked my man Storyboard out of a battle REMATCHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Tell me what you think?

Mutants We Does This

Yea this is my man Storyboard P's video Jupiter Rock Produced By Potential Aka Chi-Towns Secret Weapon this nigga is the truth enjoy!!!!!!
Jupiter Rock - Amazing videos are here

Electric Feel

This is the next track set to be slayed by me I didnt put it on the mixtape. Besides the fact its an amazing song obviously this video is not the real one but peep the song.

Bounce Freestyle Inspired By This

To me this track is alright but it bought awareness to this great beat so you know I had to murk it mind you my version is only 16 bars and will be on my mixtape but the videos concept is swayze.............

When Did The Inauguration Become A Fucking Party This Is Some "N.S"

For those of you that are unaware of what the term "N.S" is it means Nigga Shit. All these parties for Obama's Inauguration is straight up fucking "N.S" we get a black president for a change then niggas throw parties wtf.............. this is why we'll never probely get another because we look fucking ignorant throwing parties for a president thats not even gonna be at them nor probely condone any of this shit we as blacks need to fucking wake up it was hard enough to get a black president smh.... peep how "Colt 45 Is A Sponser Smmfh.........

Eggplant Foamposites

Man one month away from the release of these bad boys and my cousin "Danielle" better make it happen being that I got screwed on the 11/12 package Lol Here's a video that shows my babies Wale - Artistic Intgrity peep em during thetied up scene Lol.

Me And My Money The Mixtape

Really I'm not gonna toot my own horn but when this mixtape drops its gonna be a classic I mean I pour some of my soul into this mixtape and a whole lot of hard work into it. Alot of late nights writing and picking out beats for my perfection. Due to the delays it wont be out till like the 30th Feb 1st the latest.

1 Of The Gayiest Videos I Seen

So Ive had a few convo's about Pop Champagne's video and it weirdly resembles this video
Gangstalious Ass Niggas

Is Kanye Deadass?

Let me start off by saying "808's and Heartbreak" was the gayiest fucking album ever!!!!!!!! The shit sucked like forreal the best 2 fucking beats on there was "Amazing & Say You Will" Then this nigga had the nerve to drop this fucking gay song as a single and mind you the shit premiered on Ellen. Kanye needs to get his shit together.

For Some Reason This Supreme Hat Is Swayze

Ight so im going to do this fucking "F" list aka fucking terrible show in Williamsburg its down to the last hours I had my whole outfit together except for my hat. So I went all around Soho looking for a hat Union, Kid Robot Etc. Then I run into Supreme not expecting to find anything then bam goes this shit it goes hard!!!!!!!!!!